Our Mission

Dancers rehearsing in the Dance Department

The University of Iowa Department of Dance provides an environment conducive to comprehensive training in performance, choreography, and theoretical studies in the framework of a liberal arts education at the Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Fine Arts, and Master of Fine Arts levels. Integrating dance and general studies, we seek to establish a foundation for artistic production and intellectual development. To provide specific bodies of knowledge, and ways to discover, synthesize, and apply this knowledge is paramount. The Dance program is based upon the central premise that both art and education are extensions of the total humanistic endeavor, and that by developing creative artists and nurturing the art of dance in higher education, individuals may be empowered to enrich and further the arts in our society in relevant, diverse, and meaningful ways.


  • to provide a rich, challenging, and diverse dance curriculum for our degree-seeking students and for those who major in other disciplines

  • to illuminate for students the value and significance of dance as a form of embodied knowledge in a place of learning in the professional field, and in society at large

  • to sustain and advance a high-quality academic and working environment

  • to support the creative and scholarly research of the faculty, especially in ways that enhance teaching and promote diversity of thought, style, and approach

  • to promote excellence in dance education in support of cultural diversity

  • to encourage and foster artistic interdisciplinary collaborations

  • to continue to hone and advance the creative and scholarly research of the graduate program and its graduate student community

  • to serve the people of Iowa at the community, regional, and statewide levels through high-quality public performances and outreach programs

  • to sustain, celebrate, and increase our national and international presence in the field of dance