Additional Opportunities

Faculty/Graduate Concert 2016

Space Place Theater Performances

An integral part of the performance of the performance experience for dance students is participation in the many formal and experimental concerts throughout the year. The Department of Dance’s Space Place Theater provides space for these concerts. An evening performance could be graduate students presenting their MFA thesis, members of a composition class testing in practice what they have learned in the classroom, dance faculty and students showing their new choreography, or an exciting restaging of classic and contemporary works.

In addition, the Department of Dance sponsors Construction Site showings throughout the year – informal gatherings that allow students to show in-progress work and receive constructive feedback.

Arts Share

Arts Share continues the University of Iowa's long tradition of sharing creative resources from the Division of Performing Arts (music, dance, theatre), the School of Art & Art History, and the Writers' Workshop with communities across Iowa. Through collaborative engagement and outreach efforts, it is the goal of Arts Share to strengthen the arts and provide access to life-enriching arts experiences throughout Iowa and beyond. Learn more about Engagment and the Arts.

Other Performance Opportunities

Dancers will also find performance opportunities abound throughout the Division of Performing Arts. Dancers have often worked with the School of Music, Opera Theatre, and the Department of Theatre Arts. In addition, there are performance opportunities in the Iowa City community and at festivals such as the American College Dance Festival Association (ACDFA).

Teaching Opportunities

Undergraduate dance students with a solid knowledge of technique have opportunities to teach students of all ages through a variety of programs. The UI Youth Ballet and School of Dance, which caters to the Iowa City community, employs qualified dance instructors to teach classes ranging from ballet to tap to jazz, for children to adults.