Locker Rentals



Halsey Locker Rental Agreement



  • Lockers may be rented for a fee of $20 per semester
  • Locker assignments may not be changed once issued.
  • No stickers, markers or labels shall be adhered to the exterior or interior of the lockers.
  • For security reasons, do not indicate your name on your locker.
  • No open food or liquid containers shall be stored inside the lockers.
  • Do not store wet towels or clothing inside the lockers.
  • All bags and clothing must be stored inside a locker.  Articles of clothing, dancewear, coats and bags should not be left unattended in the student lounge.
  • Lockers must be emptied and cleaned at the end of each semester no later than 8:00AM on the first Monday following finals week.  Remaining contents will be discarded.
  • A $50 replacement fee will be accessed for lost padlocks as well as any cost associated with damage to the locker or padlock.
  • Students must complete and sign the following locker agreement in order to rent a locker.
  • The Department of Dance is not responsible for any lost or stolen items.

You may charge your locker purchase to your U-Bill, no other forms of payment will be accepted.