Living-Learning Community

Creativity is contagious! This community is for you if you love to perform or create and want to live with like-minded artists. You will have the opportunity to learn about careers in the arts as well as attend events including arts workshops, a talent showcase, and shows in the Iowa City area and beyond.

The community encourages attendance and involvement with the Division of Performing Arts (including the Department of Dance, School of Music, and Department of Theatre), the Department of Art and Art History, Hancher Auditorium, University Museums, and other community arts and cultural organizations.

Programming for Arts

Programming may vary from year to year. Past programs in this community have included:

  • Attend an opera, a musical and a theatrical production.
  • Shine in a talent showcase.
  • Go to a Broadway musical in Des Moines.
  • Take part in the Arts Resume Review Workshop
  • Spend an evening at "Pizza with Professors"

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Students in the Arts Living Learning Community are required to take one of the courses below and be an arts participator in order to reside in the community. There are three first year seminars and one general education course to choose from:

  • Arts Adventure is restricted to students in the UI Honors Program.
  • Works of Art is geared toward the fine and arts major students who want to get started thinking about and practicing their own creative work both individually and in collaborative teams.
  • Arts Encounters was designed for arts appreciators who want to more fully explore the fine and performing arts through attending events and practicing speaking and writing about their experiences.
  • Finally, The Arts in Performance is a 3 credit general education course that will give students a more expansive introduction to live performance.

First Year Seminar: Arts Adventure (Restricted to students in the Honors Program)

The course is designed to help you cultivate your knowledge of and appreciation for the visual and performing arts, and to spark your ability to think creatively both about what you see and about why it matters. You will attend arts events on campus and respond to these experiences in class discussions and in writing. At the same time, we will ponder the nature of creativity and the creative process as they apply both to art-making and to life.

First Year Seminar: Works of Art
In this hands-on seminar, students will explore their personal approaches to art and share their work with one another. After establishing a way of thinking and talking about art, students will present a short work they have created or which they admire. In the middle of the semester the class will attend arts events, each with an introductory and follow up session. Guest artists may be invited to speak with the class. For a final project, groups of 4-5 students will create a new work and present it for the class. Students will read three or four articles and write two short papers and a journal.

First Year Seminar: Arts Encounters
In this first year seminar, students will explore the performing and visual arts and be introduced to ways of thinking, writing, and talking about them. Students will attend six arts events, each with an introductory and follow up session. Guest artists may be invited to speak with the class. Students will read three or four articles and write short response papers and/or a journal.

The Arts in Performance, 3 credit General Education Course
This course explores the role of the performing arts in the human experience, and examines the nature of the creative impulse in different performance media, cultures, societies and historical contexts. Much of the class work is based on attendance at live performances of theatre, music, and dance on campus and in the community. Readings, films and videos will augment live performances. Emphasis is on analyzing performance and the experience of the audience through writing and in-depth class discussions. Approved GE areas: Literary, Visual, and Performing Arts or Values, Society, and Diversity

Who Lives Here

This community is open to all students, who intend to major in Dance, Music, Theater, Writing, Art & Art History, Arts Education, or Cinema as well as students who are active participators in the visual and performing arts at the University of Iowa. Non-major students who are enrolled in Band, Orchestra, Marching Band, Choirs, or UI courses in Art, Music, Theater, or Writing are also welcome in the community.