KENDALL RUTHERFORD earned her double major in Elementary Education and Dance at the University of Iowa. She considered the University of Iowa as it was highly recommended to her by two of her teachers in high school who had obtained degrees in Dance here.


ANALIA FEMENIAS is from San Juan, Puerto Rico and earned her MFA in Choreography. Recommended by the dean at her undergraduate college, Analia found that the UI was a great place for her to gain more knowledge. She hopes to eventually open her own company.


TREVOR SZUBA-SCHNEIDER earned his BFA in Dance. Trevor visited the UI, and on a return visit, the University of Iowa's Dance Gala impressed him so much he decided to attend.


CAROLYN NICASTRO acquired a double major in both Dance and Psychology at the University of Iowa. Originally planning on only a Minor, the Department of Dance reminded her why she loves dancing and inspired her to obtain a Major in Dance.


VLADIMIR RECHE is from Brazil and received an MFA in Choreography at the University of Iowa. A graduate of the Juilliard School of Dance, Vladimir has been a professional dancer for more than 11 years working in South America and Europe, among other countries.


RACHEL BARGER acquired a BFA in Dance. She has studied dance at Ballet Austin, Joffrey San Antonio, The University of Oklahoma, and the American Dance Festival. She has performed with the UI Dance Gala Company, Dancers In Company, Kayle + Company, and Duarte Dance Works.