Studio Scheduling

Department of Dance Studio Reservation Policy

As 9/30/2016

ALL REQUESTS may only be made at: Dance Studio Request Form. A confirmation for Faculty and Graduate students will be sent within 24 hours.  A confirmation for Undergraduate weekly requests will be sent by Friday at 5pm.

Semester length studio requests and Weekly studio requests.

Semester length studio requests, submitted to via the Dance Studio Request Form are accepted for:Classes, Youth Ballet, and Arts Share.

  • Semester length studio requests, submitted tovia the Dance Studio Request Form, are accepted for:Gala, DIC, and Faculty of Faculty/Grad.

  • Semester length studio requests for Graduate (non-Thesis) students and Graduate Thesis Concert students are submitted to the via the Dance Studio Request Form.

  • All other studio requests (not indicated above) must submit requests on a weekly basis to the via the Dance Studio Request Form.


    *Studio Reservations for fall 2016 begin on Friday, August 19 for the week of August 21-27*

    *Studio Reservations for spring 2017 begin on Friday, January 13 for the week of January 15-Jan. 21*

Rehearsal Time Allotments:

The weekly rehearsal time allotment for individuals is indicated below.

Faculty non Concert Projects:                          Limit 4 Hours per week

Faculty Fac/Grad:                                            Limit 6 hours per week per piece

Graduate Students – non Thesis                     Limit 6 Hours per week

Graduate Students – Thesis                            Limit 6 Hours per week per piece

Senior and Junior Dance Majors                      Limit 4 hours per week

Sophomore/Freshmen Dance Majors              Limit 3 hours per week

Others enrolled in Dance Department              Limit 2 hours per week

Semester Length (non-academic)Studio Requests:

  • Please use the new request form at Dance Studio Request Form for the following semester length studio requests:
    • DIC 2017:  1st week of classes (after DIC auditions)
    • Faculty 2017 (in Fac/Grad):  3rd week of October `16 (after Faculty auditions)
  • Thesis:  Please use the new request form at Dance Studio Request Form for all fall requests.  The Studio Scheduler will hold a scheduling meeting with all Thesis students in November 2016.  At this time Thesis students will make semester long requests for the spring.
  • Grad student semester long requests: Please use the new request form at Dance Studio Request Form . A semester long requests ends at each semester.  Example: your fall recurring request ends in December.
    • Once a Grad student makes a semester long request, it cannot be changed.  However, the grad students can barter amongst themselves if they would like to switch times with each other.
    • Grad students can continue to make weekly requests, in addition to their semester long request, as long as it does not exceed their 6 weekly rehearsal hour limit.

Weekly Studio Requests:

  • Individuals wishing to make a weekly studio request (i.e. any request that is not included under the semester length category) must submit their requests at Dance Studio Request Form.
  • The deadline to request a rehearsal studio is Friday at 9am for the following week in which you are requesting.  The week is Sunday to Saturday.  (For example:  Friday, August 19 is the deadline for any requests during the week of August 21-27)
  • Weekly requests will be honored based on the following system of preference:
    • Department Productions (Gala, DIC, Thesis, etc), Class / Required projects, UIYB, Pieces for Adjudication, Independent or outside projects.

Space Place Rehearsal Requests:

Studio Schedule Posting:

  • Studio schedules will be posted by 5pm on the Friday for the following weekly schedule (For example:  Friday, August 19 by 5pm the studio schedule will be posted for the week of August 21-27).
  • A confirmation will be sent to the requesting individual on Fridays by 5pm.