Sophia McLaughlin

Second Year MFA in Dance Candidate, Choreography Track

Sophia McLaughlin is a dance artist who centers her practice on the intersection of botany and dance. In her current work as a graduate student at the University of Iowa, she utilizes the knowledge of plants and the framework of botany to influence her choreography. Drawing on botanical field methodologies, her work exposes plants' inner worlds, relationships, and uniqueness by transferring the specificity of plant attributes to the specificity of the body. She sees this research as an aspect of repairing our societal disconnection from the earth by listening to and embodying plant species and their processes. She holds a BA in Dance and Botany from Connecticut College, where she worked with choreographers David Dorfman, Heidi Henderson, Lisa Race, Shawn Hove, and Ellie Goudie-Averille and botanist Chad Jones on the spread of invasive plant species. Her work has been shown at attended colleges, the 2019 ACDA New England conference, and the Sable Project’s Water in the Wood 2021 performance.  

Sophia personal photo

University of Iowa
W115 Halsey Hall (HH)
Iowa City, IA 52245
United States