Dance application process

Application and acceptance to the University of Iowa is the first step toward admission to the Department of Dance.

The Department of Dance offers two degree programs, the Bachelor of Arts and the Bachelor of Fine Arts. The department also offers a Dance Minor

Please visit the University of Iowa admissions website to apply to the university. If you are interested in the Dance Minor, select Dance Interest Degree as a program of study. If you are interested in the dance major, please select Dance BA. The department admits all students to the Dance Minor and Dance Bachelor of Arts. Students interested in a BFA in Dance should select Dance BA on their university application and will be required to audition for the BFA.. 

After admission to the University of Iowa, you will be able to access the Dance Supplemental Application in your Admissions Profile on MyUI. This application is required for all incoming first-year and transfer students interested in majoring or minoring in dance. The supplemental application has only a few questions and helps us get to know you and interests. No additional essays or letters of recommendation are required.

After filling out the supplemental application, all students are welcome to attend a Hawkeye Dance Day event on campus, where you will take classes with faculty, meet current students, and learn more about the Department of Dance.

Questions? Contact Molly Dahlberg, Dance Recruitment Coordinator.

Important dates

  • October 11, 2024 – Priority deadline to attend October 18th Hawkeye Dance Day
  • October 18, 2024 - Fall Hawkeye Dance Day
  • January 15, 2024 – Priority deadline for dance scholarship consideration for students applying by video to Dance BA and Dance BFA. The Department of Dance does not award scholarships to Dance Minors.
  • February 21, 2025 - Priority deadline to attend February 28th Hawkeye Dance Day
  • February 28, 2025 - Spring Hawkeye Dance Day
  • May 1, 2025 – Final application deadline

Supplemental application instructions

Minor in Dance

On the application, students entering the minor have the option to submit video for placement in ballet and contemporary movement practices. Ballet and contemporary practices courses are not required to complete the minor.  Students may also be assessed for placement at Hawkeye Dance Day.

BA in Dance and BFA in Dance

Students may select their desired program of study (BA or BFA) on the supplemental application. All students in the Dance BA program are required to take courses in ballet and contemporary movement practices to complete their degree requirements. For placement in the appropriate courses in fall 2024, faculty will assess your skills in these genres. On the supplemental application, you will have the option to submit video for assessment or you may choose to be assessed in person at a Hawkeye Dance Day

Additional requirement for BFA Dance

All BFA applicants must either submit a video of a solo on their supplemental application or perform a solo at a Hawkeye Dance Day. Solos must be a maximum of two minutes in length. You can perform any style of dance that you feel shows you at your best. 

Combinations for ballet and contemporary movement practices videos


Fall 2024

The department is still accepting admitted first-year students to the Dance Minor and Dance BA in Fall 2024. The department can give permission to register for DANC:2030 Majors Intermediate Ballet and/or DANC:2040 Majors Contemporary Movement Practices. If you would like to audition for placement in 3000-level Major Ballet and Contemporary Movement Practices courses, please create a video for yourself performing the combinations below and email the file or link to Molly Dahlberg,, for faculty review. Students are not required to take ballet or contemporary classes to complete a Dance Minor.

Fall 2025

Students who would like to be assessed for placement by video must learn the combinations below and add a link or links of themselves performing them on their supplemental application. The teaching video below includes a professor explaining and current student demonstrating the combinations. The performance video shows the student performing the combinations on their own. In your own performance video, you may use the music from the performance video below or choose your own music.

The teaching video provides verbal instructions with closed captions and demonstrations of the movements.

The performance video shows a current student performing the combinations with piano accompaniment.

Scholarship application

The Department of Dance is pleased to offer Iowa Center for the Arts (ICA) Scholarship Awards of up to $5,000 for the first year of study as a dance major. Dance minors are not eligible. Please visit the ICA Scholarship page for more information. Students applying for the BFA are automatically considered for scholarships.

Current UI students applying for a Minor in Dance

Current students who would like to add the dance minor may do so on MyUI. A placement audition is required for permission to register for majors-level (2000-level and above) courses in ballet and contemporary movement practices. Molly will assist you in setting up an audition if you are interested. It is possible to complete the minor without taking ballet or contemporary movement practices. See requirements in the General Catalog.

Current UI Students applying for BA in Dance or BFA in Dance

Current students who are interested in adding a Dance BA or Dance BFA may email Department of Dance administrative specialist, Molly Dahlberg to arrange an in-person audition or video submission. Students are encouraged to contact director of undergraduate studies, Kristin Marrs to learn more about being a dance major and how you may incorporate other interests or programs of study into your dance studies. See requirements for both the BA and BFA in the General Catalog.

Hawkeye Dance Day schedule 

Exact dates for 2024-25 will be announced by August 2024. A tentative schedule of Hawkeye Dance Day events is below.

Hawkeye Dance Day Schedule of Events
8:30 to 9:30 a.m.Check in–Studios will be open for individual warm up. Coffee, tea, and light snacks will be provided for students and families.
9:30 to 9:45 a.m.Meet the faculty
9:45 to 10 a.m.Group warm up
10 to 11:15 a.m.Contemporary class with improvisation
11:20 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.Ballet class
12:30 to 1 p.m.Solos–Bachelor of Fine Arts applicants and Bachelor of Arts scholarship applicants
1 to 2 p.m.Lunch break
2 to 3 p.m.Question and answer session for students and parents, featuring current students and faculty
3 to 3:30 p.m.Optional informal student gathering with Undergraduate Dance Organization

Hawkeye Dance Day attire

  • Dancewear: Choose comfortable and form-fitting dancewear so we can adequately assess your technique and movement (leotard, tights, form-fitting t-shirts, leggings, etc.).
  • Shoes: Bring ballet shoes for the ballet class. You may be barefoot or in socks for the contemporary class. 
  • Hair: Have your hair securely pulled away from your face. 

Please email Molly Dahlberg with questions.