Iowa Center for the Arts (ICA) Scholarship

The Iowa Center for the Arts (ICA) Scholarship Program in Dance grants scholarships to entering first-year dance majors who demonstrate exceptional talent. Students receive up to $5,000 for their first year and may reapply for scholarships in the department in subsequent years.

Scholarship details

All Dance BA and BFA applicants may apply for the scholarship. There is no separate scholarship application.

On the Dance Supplemental Application, simply reply "yes" to the question "Are you interested in applying for a scholarship from the Department of Dance?" The application will populate with further instructions.

All BFA applicants are automatically considered for scholarships. The department does not give scholarships to individuals pursuing a Minor in Dance.

  • Solo–Applicants must perform a solo in any style that is no longer than two minutes. Solos may be self-choreographed or choreographed by others. You may send a video link on your supplemental application or you may choose to perform the solo live at one of our Hawkeye Dance Days.
  • High school grade-point average–3.5 minimum

Information on other scholarships offered at the University of Iowa is available at the Scholarship Portal.

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences scholarships

The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences also awards scholarships to students continuing coursework in a major within the college. Some scholarships are open to all liberal arts and sciences students and others are for select liberal arts and sciences majors.