ICA Scholarship

The Iowa Center for the Arts Scholarship Program in Dance will grant scholarships to entering freshmen who demonstrate exceptional talent in dance. Each scholarship winner will receive a $5,000 freshman-year grant.

How to Apply:

The ICA Scholarship Application is within the online BFA and BA applications. This is available on each application under the heading, Scholarship Opportunities.

To complete the ICA portion of the application:

  • Answer yes to 'Are you interested in applying for the Iowa Center for the Arts Scholarship?'  
  • Additional questions and fields will pop up on your application for you to complete.  

Only completed BFA, BA, and ICA applications will be considered. 

Required Materials:

Two Letters of Recommendation:  two letters of recommendation (one academic and one dance related) should be uploaded to your online application.  You will see an option to do this at the bottom of the application form. If your letters are confidential and cannot be uploaded please have them send to the Department of Dance.

  • Who should write my letters of recommendation for the ICA Scholarship? ​One letter should come from either a director, choreographer, or teacher of your current dance studio/school, and one letter should come from a high school guidance counselor, teacher, or mentor.

Current Transcripts: are required at the time of application and can be uploaded on the ICA application form. Transcripts do not need to be official at the time of application. If it is not possible to attach a digital version of the transcripts, please have them sent to E114 Halsey Hall, Iowa City, Iowa 52242. The Department of Dance does not receive materials sent to the Admissions Office-please send all materials directly to the Department of Dance.

Solo Requirements:  a two minute solo is required to be preformed on audition day. Solos can be in any genre and cannot exceed two minutes. You must provide your own music on your phone, portable USB drive, or compact disc. Your piece can be self-choreographed or choreographed by another. If you have questions about the solo please contact Alex Bush.