Dance Pedagogy & Instruction Track

The UI Department of Dance is offering a new track option for undergraduate students - Dance Pedagogy & Instruction Track - beginning fall 2021.

Information for Prospective Students

Who is eligible to pursue this track?
• Any UI Dance Major pursuing a BFA or BA and interested in the art and practice of teaching dance as passion and/or profession.

What type of course work is included in the track?
• Courses offered in the Department of Dance as well as other CLAS units such as the Department of Psychology, Department of Gender, Women’s and Sexuality studies (Social Justice), Department of Human Health and Physiology, and Enterprise Leadership.

What are the total credit hours required for a Dance BA + Dance Pedagogy & Instruction Track? Dance BFA + Dance Pedagogy & Instruction Track?
• BA in Dance with a Dance Pedagogy & Instruction Track: 58-63 out of 120 total semester hours required for the degree
• BFA in Dance with a Dance Pedagogy & Instruction Track: 85-88 out of 120 total semester hours required for the degree

Does the additional course work required for this track also benefit the completion of a BA or BFA in Dance?
• Yes, students satisfy the requirements for the Dance Pedagogy & Instruction Track alongside their pursuit of a degree  in Dance. Most of the required courses for the track are courses that count toward completion of the Dance BA/BFA major, others count as CLAS GE courses, and the remaining 3 s.h. contribute to the 120 semester hours required for degree completion in CLAS.

How will I know which courses to take to satisfy the requirements for this track?
• Initially, your CLAS-assigned academic advisor will guide you toward fulfilling requirements in helping you select GE requirements that also satisfy the Dance Pedagogy & Instruction requirements. Once you are assigned a designated advisor in Dance you can collaborate to tailor the program in ways that meet your professional/career objectives.

Are there additional opportunities that augment the professionalization experience?
• Students have the option to complete an internship to gain hands-on experience in the field. Interested students should schedule an appointment at the Pomerantz Career Center approximately 6-9 months before the semester during which they intend to participate.

What is the benefit of cross disciplinary (not dance specific) study in the Dance Pedagogy & Instruction curriculum?
• The broader perspectives and knowledge gleaned from coursework in psychology, education, entrepreneurship, and social justice will provide students with a more holistic and contextualized     understanding of pedagogy and approaches to dance instruction. Additionally, students will acquire ancillary skillsets including capacities necessary to engage populations in different instructional settings and socio-economic contexts.
What types of professional opportunities would a completion of this track benefit and prepare me for?
• A career with a professional dance company that often includes the role of a teaching artist
• Social justice endeavors in dance
• The instruction of dance to a range of ages and populations in arts education
• Ownership and/or management of a dance studio
• Community engagement opportunities
• A career in arts administration and/or management
• Resident dance artist within a K-12 school system
• A stepping stone toward potential careers in business administration, arts promotion/management, art & dance therapy, health sciences & wellness

If you have any additional questions, please contact your academic advisor.